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Technology & Installation

intelACe improves upon existing thermodynamic thermostat based control in Air Cons. Optimization of compressor operation in all conditions are achieved.

  • Compressor control is an active and intelligent.
  • Prevents over-compression of refrigerant.
  • Full utilization of cooling capacity in cooling coil.
intelACe accurately measures the room temperature and detects the compressor duty cycle. This information is processed by intelACe which then implements intelligent control over the compressor.

This approach ensures that required room temperature is achieved, optimal compressor operation is achieved and over-compression of refrigerant (energy wastage) is avoided.

intelACe’s intelligent control ensuresthe room temperature is maintained within +/-0.5°C (+/-0.9°F) of the setpoint and this is displayed. Information on maximum temperature & minimum temperature readings are also available.

Where to use intelACe?

intelACe can be installed to all existing Air Conditioners of any size:

  • Split type Air Con (wall mounted and cassette)
  • Inverter based Air Con
  • Both Single Phase & 3 Phase

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